andDonovan is an award-winning agency comprised of creatives, strategists and account servicers that partners with gyms and fitness centers to increase new members and retain current ones. We have a proven track record of helping multi-location gyms do just that. In fact, for one of our clients, 10 Star Fitness, we increased the gym’s average monthly membership by 25.4% month over month in the 1st quarter of 2018. And while most fitness gyms start seeing a downturn after the first months of the year, 10 Star Fitness continued to grow, even beating their January numbers in March.

A Little Pain. A Lot of Gain.

Reaching those numbers within less than 4 months wasn’t the result of luck or good timing. No, we beat the company’s aggressive goals by developing a strategic platform for the brand and a list of sales-driving ideas that could be quickly and easily implemented. That entailed creating a new tagline and brand umbrella to drive all of the messaging. We also developed TV ads featuring real members — not actors — that the general population could relate to. In addition to mass media, we developed a fully integrated digital retail plan that included optimized SEO, SEM, social media ads and email marketing, all of which employed the new messaging. It was hard work, but like all hard work, it paid off.

Discover Your After Picture.

While our recommendations and strategies are always tailored to individual clients, there are some things about our approach that never change. We always work tirelessly for our clients. And we always put them first. That means we start each new job by listening to your needs, concerns and goals. We then study and research the market, the competition and your particular brand. Finally, we combine that knowledge with decades of expertise to create messaging and tactics that exceed expectations. And we have fun doing it. After all, nothing thrills us more than seeing our clients succeed.