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You First

Every agency has a thing. Solutions. Change. Content. Data. Innovation. You’ve probably heard these buzz words as you comb through the pages of the modern ad agency. It’s what we do. We try to market ourselves in an effort to get your attention, to put –us– top of mind.

It makes sense, right? We want you to know how good we are at doing what you hired us for. The problem with all of this is most agencies think about their book of work, the awards they can win, and when it gets right down to it, what that client can do for them.

When we started thinking about the direction of our future we know that it starts and stops with making our clients succeed. We are so convicted in this mission we put it in action in our naming. It’s actually pretty simple. Our success starts with our clients. When they win, we win. When they get recognition, we come along for the ride. You see the order of this?

It starts with a name but the real implementation of this happens in how we work with clients. We start every new relationship with a deep immersion in our clients brand. We ground our ideas, our strategies, and all the work we do in what will create success for them. We know that increased conversions, views, likes, and engagement will lead to a relationship that has staying power. And we want the accountability that comes with being a true partner.

Somewhere along the way many agencies seem to have lost sight of this. But for us at least, it all starts with you.

Ryan Alford
Director of Business Development

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