Local SEO

Local SEO


Local SEO should be at the forefront of all conversations when it comes to operations, marketing, digital presence, and overall existence.

There are many factors that play into Search Engine Optimization and is a service that takes a lot of work, analysis and understanding of all the factors that play into it. SEO is not a $299 a month package or just putting up some pages on your website. SEO is invasive and data driven that takes people, not a widget, to put your best effort forward. Knowing where to start to understand or even what to look at is the hardest part.

We start with NAP and it doesn’t involve sleeping. NAP stands for Name Address Phone. By simply missing an apostrophe on one website versus Avenue spelled out or abbreviated to AVE makes a world of difference in the realm of local SEO. There are citation services out there, and many agencies and companies offer them as well, to update all your listings from one location. This is a vital aspect to customers being able to find you when they are looking. Pay attention to the details, because they matter. Having capital letters, abbreviations, etc. all matter in how you’re being ranked. Visit here to run a scan to see how you are listed across citations.

It’s always a shock to see how many errors there are and missing citations all together. Citations are also referred to as local listings, business listings, and can be found on any website, app or presence that lists out your name address and phone numbers for customers to be able to reach you. You think you spend all this time and work with all these companies that everything should be covered, but the internet is not slowing down anytime soon. Lots of newer sites are grabbing information from other sites so there is a potential with one wrong piece of information to be affecting multiple websites if not more.

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